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Fox Park Copyright Information
All photographs on are the property of the respective photographers who created them. Colour Outdoors is an authorized agent for the photographers and images shown on Colour Outdoors text and web pages are the property of Richard Mousel/Colour Outdoors. This content (images, text and web pages) is protected under United States and international copyright laws.

What's Allowed
Colour Outdoors online images (both thumbnail and low-resolution images) may be used for viewing and internal "test" presentations. This includes internal preview use and for position only "comps" for layout presentations and may not be used for publication in any form. If you require an image without the Colour Outdoors watermark for "comps," we will gladly provide you with one.

What's NOT Allowed
Except for what is stated in the What's Allowed section on this page, recording and reproduction of images, web pages, or any parts thereof, from this website by any means including by not limited to electronic, mechanical, information storage and retrieval systems, or derivative art and artistic rendering is prohibited. The use of any image from this web site for any purpose except that stated in What's Allowed requires the express written permission of Colour Outdoors (a license). 
Users of who violate copyright will be billed at 10 times the maximum license rate for the image, and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

General Copyright Principles
We encourage you to abide by the following principles found in U.S. copyright law:
1) If you didn't create it, or obtain distribution rights, you don't own it or have rights to copy, store, publish, or distribute it.
2) The creator/author/owner must explicitly relinquish rights for an original work (photograph, illustration or other art work) to be placed in the public domain.
3) Fair use allows the copying of small portions of an original work without the owner's permission, but only for evaluation/criticism, education, and news reporting.
4) If you aren't sure, don't use. Ask for permission!